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Perhaps I should move to the Cotswolds

I don’t know what it is about the Cotswolds, but wherever I went, I saw customer service I don’t see in East Anglia.

At a DIY shop, the assistant was just as helpful with advising on me where to get Cotswolds stones as with recommending cream tea places in the area.

At a local village pub, my peppermint tea arrived with a delightful shortbread biscuit and the pub manager even offered me the recipe when I complimented her on her bake.

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How Papa John’s treats its customers

The case of the missing pizza

It’s Wednesday 1:46pm and I’ve just made an order for just over £50 pounds worth of pizza from Papa John’s website. Expected delivery date: 5:45pm, 15 minutes before a dozen customers are meant to arrive for a focus group session I am organising.

5:45pm comes and there is no pizza in sight. 6pm arrives and most of my customers are on site and ready for a drink and a snack before starting the session…but still no pizza in sight.

My customers are here for one hour only, so I change plan and decide to start the focus group session without any food to offer to both my attendees and my own stomach. Continue reading

British Gas – How not to run a call centre

This is how the story goes

Like a lot of British households, I have a boiler in my house. I know little about its intricacies, but I’m told it is customary to give the apparatus a health check once a year.

So, I called the UK Energy Giant, otherwise known as British Gas, to book a one-off boiler service. Little did I know that to book a one-off boiler service, one needed to set aside 40 minutes and be prepared to engage in dodgy dealings.

It took a good 5 minutes for the British Gas Voice at the end of the line to enter my full name, address, and telephone number. Then I was told the price and was asked to pay…with little knowledge as to when the boiler service could be arranged for. Most peculiar way of doing business I thought but I was reassured that it is British Gas’ policy to take your money first before the full package (service, price, and delivery date) is agreed on. Continue reading