Virgin Atlantic steals customer’s money

Holidays are over and it’s time to fly back home! On the morning of the flight, I called Virgin Atlantic to purchase extra legroom for myself and my other half. I was offered extra legroom for £75 per person, making it £150 for 2 people, and agreed to proceeding with the purchase.

Fast-forward to a week later. Oops, Virgin Atlantic debited my account of £150 three times – instead of just the once. Put in another way – Virgin Atlantic took £300 out of my account without permission.

After a good half hour spent on the phone, the call centre operator eventually realises the mistake on Virgin Atlantic’s part and promises to arrange a speedy refund.

Except that the ‘speedy’ refund (which came almost two weeks later) did not come to the £300 I was expecting. Virgin Atlantic made yet another mistake and refunded just £150.

Are paying customers that unimportant to Virgin Atlantic that no care is being taken during financial transactions?

Ok, so this now calls for a  good old complaint letter posted directly to the Director of Customer Service Paul Dickinson. The letter outlines the chaotic situation and politely requests an urgent refund for the outstanding £150.

But Paul Dickinson – Director of Customer Service – doesn’t have time for customers and does not bother to respond.

So 8 weeks after first reporting the issue and 3 weeks after reaching out directly to a senior director, I still don’t have my money back.

In essence, Virgin Atlantic takes money out of customers’ account without permission – i.e. steals money straight from their bank accounts – and fails to refund or respond to customers, thereby securing unlawful and unfair monetary gain over its paying clients.

Humm…this goes beyond ugly customer service. Sounds like fraud to me…

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