The Bosch Model

My Bosch washing machine is making a funny noise. The warranty period expires in just 3 weeks, so I quickly call Bosch to let them know…

On the phone, a helpful adviser explains that if the fault is due to poor maintenance on my part (ie not following the instructions), I could get charged. For example, he advises me to double-check that the drain filter is clear.

I follow the advice and I reassure myself that the machine is not malfunctioning through a fault of my own. Then I call again and this time the Bosch assistant books me an appointment for an engineer to come later in the week. A day before the appointment, Bosch texts me to remind me of the visit; to save me waiting all day, the text indicates a rough time of arrival.

The following day, a pleasant Bosch engineer turns up, checks the machine, and quickly identifies that the ball bearings need replacing. Later that day, Bosch calls me to inform me that the parts have been ordered and to book a suitable date to come and fix the apparatus. The day before the appointment, I receive an appointment reminder by email and by text including information on time of arrival.

The same engineer turns up. He takes the machine outside and works relentlessly for the next 2 hours. He brings the machine back in and tests it to make sure it works as it should.

And that was that! My experience was smooth, pain-free, and I was left rather impressed with Bosch’s level of service because:

  1. Bosch took care of keeping me informed of their progress by text and email. I couldn’t say I didn’t know what was happening.
  2. Bosch gave me a reasonable indication of the appointment time so that I didn’t have to wait hours for someone to turn up. So rare these days. You’re often asked to wait half a day (sometimes a whole day) at home for engineers to turn up.
  3. The engineer was polite, competent, and efficient – mirroring exactly what I had experienced with the office staff. It’s actually quite hard to achieve this level of brand consistency across various customer touch- points.  I am not entirely sure how Bosch manages that but it often stems from senior management’s desire to put customer service at the top of the priority list, so much so that it becomes a guiding principle for all employees to follow.

Bosch really nails how to interact with customers and how to deliver a service to be remembered for. If only BT could learn a few tips or two from the German engineering & electronics company!

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