How BT does business with its customers – part 1

Wind back to March 12th and find me placing an order for BT Infinity. I arrange an appointment for the service to be activated on March 26th between 8am and 1pm. All is well in the best of possible worlds.

Come March 26th, and my other half is eagerly waiting at home for the BT engineer to turn up and get the service going. At 2:30pm, he phones me perplexed ‘But where is he? I’ve been waiting here all day!’.

I phone BT to find out. I discover that BT is unaware of what is going on and I’m told they will investigate. Later that day, I learn that Openreach (BT’s infrastructure arm) has not told BT Retail that there was a problem with the line and it needed fixing before the service could be activated. Openreach also failed to inform BT Retail or indeed myself that the appointment on March 26th was cancelled. Interesting communication issues here between Openreach and BT main retail arm.

My complaint over the mess leads to BT offering us £10 in compensation – representing a whopping £2 per hour wasted.

Two weeks go by without any news as to what happens next. Then, a BT representative finally calls to inform us that another appointment has been arranged for April 28th between 8am and 1pm.

It’s 2pm on April 28th and the BT engineer hasn’t turned up. I call BT and hear “Oh, the engineer is not coming today. Were you not told?” Euhhh…no!!

The routing problem, I’m told, is still not fixed and the appointment has been postponed to May 6th. Curiously, BT forgot to tell me that.

So if you want to upgrade to BT Infinity, a word of warning. It comes with some complimentary extras: two missed appointments, incompetence to fix a problem with a line, poor communication between BT’s various divisions, and lack of communication with the customer. Oh…and a £10 compensation for all the mess, inconvenience and time wasted.

But as you can probably tell, the story doesn’t end there. I’ll write part two shortly, so watch this space.

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