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Big News: Energy companies are ripping you off

To justify its existence, Ofgem has decided that it is going to start a two-year investigation of the “big six” energy suppliers in the United Kingdom.  Yes, fellow readers, it is going to take Ofgem a whole TWO years to research the state of the energy market and report on its findings. If I told my company I needed two years to investigate one industry in one country, I’d have the senior management point a crooked finger at me and say ‘you’re fired’.

Meanwhile, as average energy prices rise sharply well above the inflation year on year, and hefty profits are made, government ministers quietly sit in the balcony area watching the comedy-drama unfold. Occasionally, we hear a few words from Westminster on the subject, but never a concrete action worth talking about. Continue reading

British Gas – How not to run a call centre

This is how the story goes

Like a lot of British households, I have a boiler in my house. I know little about its intricacies, but I’m told it is customary to give the apparatus a health check once a year.

So, I called the UK Energy Giant, otherwise known as British Gas, to book a one-off boiler service. Little did I know that to book a one-off boiler service, one needed to set aside 40 minutes and be prepared to engage in dodgy dealings.

It took a good 5 minutes for the British Gas Voice at the end of the line to enter my full name, address, and telephone number. Then I was told the price and was asked to pay…with little knowledge as to when the boiler service could be arranged for. Most peculiar way of doing business I thought but I was reassured that it is British Gas’ policy to take your money first before the full package (service, price, and delivery date) is agreed on. Continue reading