Hello fellow residents of Great Britain

This blog is about customer service in GREAT Britain! [said snappily with a tight-lip] Sadly, all is not so great in Great Britain, especially when it comes to customer service.

If like me, you are one of those who often pound the foot down and mumble “I will write ’em a letter!”, then you might enjoy reading about my experiences on this blog where I relate the good, the bad, and the ugly customer service I come across throughout the weeks and months ahead.

This blog is meant to be somewhat entertaining, but I also hope that it will spur you into action. At the risk of sounding presumptuous and blunt (one of my favourite traits I’m afraid), I want this blog to help change the face of customer service across this green and pleasant land. 

Of course, I will generously offer organisations I feature in my writings a few words of wisdom they haven’t asked for; but ultimately, the responsibility is yours to accept the way you are being treated…or vote with your feet and wallet if you are not happy. This can be in the form of switching provider, group boycotting, negative social media promotion, etc.

In short, I propose we raise the bar on what is acceptable customer service by taking responsibility as customers. We don’t have to be walked all over if we don’t want to. So let’s start to act, instead of emitting weak moans and keeping our deep-seated anger inside. It’s bad for our health I’m told.

Enjoy my blog and please do share your experiences too!

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